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Co-Director, The Royal Standard

We are currently seeking to appoint three new directors to replace part of the group that are approaching the end of their tenure.

The Royal Standard has a rolling directorial team who change every two and a half years. This ensures that the organisation maintains a fresh and ambitious outlook and continues to provide exciting career development opportunities. We are currently seeking to appoint three new directors to replace part of the group that are approaching the end of their tenure.

We are an artist-led gallery, studio group and social workspace based in Liverpool. Founded in 2006 to bridge the gap between DIY studio groups and large institutional spaces, it has gone from strength to strength in its pursuit to provide early to mid career artists with the opportunity to showcase their work in a critically engaged environment. The Royal Standard’s activity is as diverse as it is ambitious, which has gained it the respect of artists and organisations both locally and nationally.

This post is ideal for emerging artists, curators and arts-professionals that are
looking to develop and further a critically engaged practice. As a director you will gain a wide variety of skills through the day-to-day management of The Royal Standard as well as the opportunity to explore your own interests, realising your ideas through contributing to The Royal Standard gallery programme.

Within the role there are opportunities to:

• Learn about fundraising and applying for arts grants.
• Curate shows, programmes and events.
• Be an active part of an ambitious group of early to mid career artists.
• Be involved in a wide range of on and off site exhibitions, events and
• Manage the TRS residency programme.
• Work with a wide variety of artists, curators and arts professionals.
• Play a role in local, national and international contemporary art events.

As a director you will be expected to dedicate a significant amount of time to the running of TRS. You will also be expected to work onsite at TRS gallery but working arrangements are flexible. This is a part time, voluntary post.

To apply please send a CV and letter of interest to info@the-royal-standard.com

Application deadline FRIDAY 2nd MARCH



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