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NEWS: New group, The London Road Art Collective

An Artist’s Collective with a connection to The London Rd Studios in Northwich, Cheshire.

A new group of artists, The London Road Art Collective has been established by fine art graduate Carolyn Shepherd to gather local artists and encourage them to explore new ways to engage with the local community.

Based within the London Road Studios in Northwich, Cheshire, the collective has strong links with Mid-Cheshire College. The studios are currently owned by the college but will be on the open market as the establishment moves its arts provision to the main campus in Hartford.

Carolyn has said, “There is a lot of creative talent in Northwich and the surrounding areas but we don’t actually see it. People may be doing creative things and they have little groups but it is not really showing to the community.

“They have all got skills and talent but they are not necessarily doing anything outside of college. This is something specifically about working as a group, rather than as individuals. We are trying to get artists to think outside the box and have the confidence to be involved, and include the community as well.”

Carolyn is currently focussed on studying for a Masters in Fine Art and added that it would be a ‘dream’ if the group could be based at the site where she began her studies, as it is currently without a home.

Carolyn said although it would be ideal for the group to be based within the studios untill its closure but members are discussing the idea of a pop-up studio in or around Northwich town centre.

To find out more about the Collective including how to get involved, visit


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